Our Team

We understand that IT is a tool to help people to do their job better, and that tool should be easy and painless to use. Our promise is to always put people before IT.

Our people

Our team ensure that all tasks and tickets are channelled to the correct staff member and prioritised accordingly with the service level agreements. We also have a very well qualified team of people.

Our support network consists of:

  • a service delivery team
  • a team of technical consultants and developers
  • a procurement/licensing expert

All of our customers are managed by both a dedicated field consultant and one of the Directors of LANWorx to ensure quality of service and delivery.

We believe we have the perfect blend of technical, customer service and support skills to provide our customers with cost effective and high performing solutions. We have been trusted by our customers in providing these services and solutions to this market sector for over 15 years and we understand the business drivers and needs of these organisations.

Our aim for our relationship with you is Less Stress – More Success. This is where we bring the best of our experience and work with the best of your experience to deliver what your business needs from an IT point of view. We do that in a collaborative way that works well for everyone and is open and transparent.

About Mark Battershill

As General Manager of LANWorx, Mark’s primary role is to provide strategic IT advice to our customers, and ensure the quality of services delivered to support these strategies remains high.

Mark has extensive experience in the New Zealand technology industry with over 25 years’ experience in management, sales and marketing of SME IT companies.

Before starting LANWorx in 1997, Mark worked in IT support and sales roles, and founded several IT businesses providing network support and consulting, as well as partnering in several other SME IT support companies. Mark was part of the Institutional Strengthening Project to the Ombudsman Commission of Papua New Guinea providing IT consulting and implementing a Complaints Management Solution.

Outside work his interests include spending time with family, music and playing numerous sports including tennis, swimming and kayaking.