About LANWorx

LANWorx is an IT services company, providing the full range of software, hardware, system management services and strategic IT advice to SME organisations. We help your organisation be its best, by focussing on your core business at maximum productivity, while LANWorx ensures the right IT systems are always in place. This is based on our strong technical competence, a proactive and common-sense approach, and an absolute commitment to delivery satisfaction. We understand that IT is a tool to help people to do their job better, and that tool should be easy and painless to use. Our promise is to always put people before IT.

We strongly believe that IT’s purpose is to support the business and stay closely aligned with the business direction and strategic plans. To deliver the best value we take a genuine interest in our customer’s business, to gain understanding of what’s important to their success and ensure they have the IT systems to support that.

We find the secret to delivering highly effective IT solutions is to have strong, transparent relationships with our customers, and remember that IT is only there as a tool to help people to do their job better. We have been in business since the mid 1990’s and have offices in both Auckland and Wellington with 20 staff.

We currently look after both government and private sector customers in the Health and Public Safety industry. Therefore we are very familiar with their IT requirements, systems and processes.

We practise what we preach

We test all of our systems and tools internally before deployment to our customer base.

We have also moved our entire production infrastructure (servers, SAN’s etc) into the data centre and use Office 365 and File Data (SharePoint 2013). We also use our own ISP services for connectivity to our offices.